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“Started rapping junior year of high school just because i saw rappers like lil wayne and meek mill and though geez i can do that. Back then i was imitating them and stopped till around early last year and started taking it seriously. I see myself as an activist first, I want to make the work a better place I also want to fix the disinformation many people have been taught and music is a perfect outlet. Queens NY, influences Kendrick Lamar, Bob Marley, and Capital STEEZ”


Lord Jakob Rothschild

Lord Jakob Rothschild - 10 minutes break

I’m short in words when It comes to posts. I let music do all the talking but how can I let this artist go without saying a word about his work? Simply: by letting  him do all the talking ;)

“Lord Jakob Rothschild is a mask i wear to the masquerade party. I paint and record my little voice so that it could garner other little voices so we could then make one large voice. I want to change the world, i am the world, a mirror reflecting another mirror infinity.”

I came in contact with Lord Jakob Rothschild after sharing his tune Mango (which I absolutely love – has everything I’m looking for for this blog). I’m not good at interviews so I asked for a short bio ( Check out his paintings and videos on tumblr too )

“I wrote my first rap when i was 8 years old after watching juveniles slow motion music video i was captivated so i picked up a crayon and wrote some smooth shyt. I always wanted to be an artist. Around freshman year in high school i made a song about my dog alf. then i bought my own mic and started making a mixtape with my homie hamamatu we call ourselves momunay. started going to a local studio in allentown, pennsylvania and we made “free the people” and this year “mango goddess” . look out for “kali ep” which is an awesome collaboration with producer/composer/visionary Robert Goldwatch and “Black Goddess” which will come out later this year as well ! I must collaborate with Willow Smith in the near future.”

Ps: I know I’m terible at posts but I strongly recommend to check out his work.