maarius 10minutesbreak

Lover of lapped slow-mo House and Hip-Hop, RnB productions flirting with bling-bling, Maarius already produced an EP and exclusives mixtapes for Dawpers or Discobelle Records.

He recently shared the stage with Paul Woolford & the Robsoul team in Bordeaux. Fond of remixes, he took his chance on Pusha T‘s original “Sweet Serenade” with success, panicking the SoundCloud play counters.



BoomBaptist 10minutesbreak

“Thesaurus Rex is the manifestation of all the ill shit I’ve conjured until now, lyrically. The Boom Baptist is his alterego, baptizing heads in banging beats that make heads nod. Through a long process of learning the art of rhyme and rythm, we created a superpower that could be challenged by none. In affiliation with several groups such as the Typikal Human Animals and the Archivists, we underwent a slow and steady evolution, learning from our peers as well as our influences, and now bring you this unique sound. Please feel free to comment on the music.

Thesaurus Rex and The Boom Baptist”